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Brian Selby, Roger Burzacott, Bill Hanson: Mateship. Those who served – Sabah, Sarawak & the Thai-Malay Border.

The second in a series of interviews with Pres. Brian Selby
on "Service' Voices" 105.5FM Radio Adelaide

Broadcast on 25th. July 2016.

Photo of Brian Selby
Brian Selby
Photo of May Shotton
May Shotton

It’s called ‘the forgotten war’, but in the memories of Australian ex- soldiers Brian Selby, Roger Burzacott, and Bill Hanson it’s as vivid in their recollections today as it was over 50 years ago when they left Australian shores in a cloud of secrecy, bound for Malaya. August 2016 will herald in the 50th anniversary of the cease-fire and declaration of the end of this little-known confrontation, The Indonesian confrontation with Malaysia.

An over-riding legacy of many wars is the mate-ships it forms among the participants. A mate-ship based on shared experience and an understanding of how involvement in such a tumultuous event affects lives and families forever after. We felt very privileged to have Brian, Roger and Bill join us to give listeners a glimpse of how it was back then. Rare audio indeed!

Note: On 29 August 2016 A memorial plaque on a black granite plinth will be the centrepiece of a commemoration ceremony in the War Memorial Gardens at Kuching, Sarawak. It will be a memorial to all Australian Armed Forces personnel who served during this undeclared war, regardless of the Area of Operations of deployment. Australian Veterans, their families, members of the surviving Sarawak Malaysian Rangers and Iban Trackers Association and Malaysian Army members, Sarawak dignitaries and Malaysian government representatives and the Australian High Commissioner from KL will be in attendance.

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These interviews are reproduced here with the kind permission of105.5FM Radio Adelaide.

Photos courtesy of Brian Selby, Roger Burzacott and Bill Hanson 2016

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