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Rifle Company Butterworth

RCB is a collective name for an army rifle company size force to have served at Butterworth. Tasked primarily to protect RAAF aircraft, other assets and personnel/families from the threat of CT attack, 86 RCBs carried out those operational duties under the operational control of the senior RAAF commander at Butterworth while so deployed during the Second Malaysian Emergency (also known as the Communist Insurgency) until 2nd. December 1989 when the peace armistice was signed. On 1st. September 1973, a larger RCB comprising 132 men was deployed direct from Australia. These RCBs were supplied from Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) battalions except for one gun battery in 1973, working as Infantry. On rare occasions, a woman Education Officer also deployed. Training was a secondary task, and only after all primary role training was completed. Selected members of RCBs carried live ammunition on most training outside the base perimeter in accordance with ROEs and the assessed threat. On base, specified elements including the Quick Reaction Force were armed around the clock. RCB veterans in this period were awarded the Australian Service Medal with SE Asia Clasp.

On the 3rd. December 1989, the role of RCB changed to one of training only, and this situation exists to this day. RCBs, while supplied principally by the RAR, have also comprised other corps and even composite groups. Each RCB also had the necessary technical support corps such as medical, signals, ordnance, MPs, Transport and RAEME to allow the conduct of rifle company level operations if required. As at 25th. October 2016, the 193rd. RCB is at Butterworth, under Army control through CO 2/30 Training Group, conducting jungle warfare training, usually in conjunction with the Malaysian Armed Forces. Today's RCBs comprise both gender, with service since end 1989 not attracting medallic recognition.

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